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Registry of Marriage

2nd February 2010.

I don’t smile for the camera, I smile because I just can’t help it.


I hung up my singlehood and traded it for something else.

I’m not sure what the something else entails, but I’m ready to find out. Well, some call it marriage, my boss calls it “death row”. People have different ways of looking at things don’t they.

I don’t remember having a more exciting and joyous time in my life. It feels like life just started all over again. Everything is fresh and exciting. Boundless opportunities await in my life because God says so and He’s put someone in my life to tell me that. I’ve got someone to read the bible with, to pray with, to worship with, to share in Jesus with. I’ve get to share my inheritance in Christ with someone and to share in her inheritance in Christ.

I’m amazed everyday at the beauty that she is, and the genius that hides behind that wonderful frame (a polite term for smokin’ hot body). She brings a new depth to having a heart of compassion and continuously opens my eyes to things of the Spirit. A better woman cannot be found in a million lifetimes.

She says that I think too highly of her, but she only has herself to blame for that.

In the fashion of LOL cats, I say: I HAZ A WIFE!!!


Well, I am legally and contractually married (or registered as we would say in Singapore), but not ceremoniously wed. We have not had the wedding ceremony in the church honouring our God, the tea ceremony at my house honouring the parents and relatives and the banquet honouring everyone else. Nor do we stay together in the same house or sleep on the same bed.

So are we married?

If you’re only concerned with paper and legal matters, yes we are.
If not, we’re not.