A foreigner in a queer world

I’m an evangelical Christian with traditional views living in a world where the LGBT community and its values are widely accepted and affirmed in society. Marriage equality is now a thing in the USA. It’s legal. It’s only a matter of time for Australia.
Here’s how I make sense of it:

  1. I don’t expect society to reflect my values and beliefs.
    It’s only natural to want our environment to affirm our identity, but reality is that society doesn’t bend to my will. For many years and in many ways, it has reflected my views but it won’t always. I won’t always be in the majority. Coming to Australia has taught me that. Remember, the church was born into a time when Christian values were absurd. Work with it, not against it.
  2. I don’t stay silent but don’t be too loud.
    On a personal level, if you ask for my views, I’ll share it. I reason, I coerce, I plea and I discuss but I don’t force. I invite you to see my views, and if you don’t, that’s ok. We agree to disagree.
    I don’t celebrate that legal marriage now has a new definition in the USA. Here, if and when I can, I vote. Democracy allows me to represent my views and change my environment through a legitimate and unhateful process. Democracy is not perfect, nor are representatives (politicians), but it’s what we’ve got. Behind closed doors, I pray. I pray and pray and pray. And then I pray some more.
  3. I evangelise because the gospel is about Jesus Christ. And Jesus is much bigger than the legal definition of marriage.
    Love is about Christ and not just 2 people who feel something about each other and/or commit their lives together. Marriage is primarily a picture of Christ and the church, not just about love, commitment and sacrifice, etc. Those are good things but that’s not the whole picture for me. To me, love and marriage are so much more beautiful, meaningful and colourful with Christ in the picture. In fact, all of life is! The best I can do for anyone is to invite them to see things through Christ, with Christ, in Christ. In that way, I’d rather lose the battle (that we’ve never won anyway) and win the war.

In conclusion, you won’t find a rainbow on my profile picture to celebrate pride. No, I’m not holier than thou. I’m not in mourning either. I’m just going on my life as it has always been – just a foreigner passing through this strange world.

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